I am Les "the bat" Deacon, from Hampden Park, Eastbourne in Sussex,

and I live in Germany. I served in the Army from 1961 to 1973.

My Army career began with the Army Apprentice School - Arborfield (R.E.M.E.), followed by the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion - Oswestry, before joining the Royal Sussex Regiment for 9 years.

Within the Royal Sussex Regiment, I served in A Company, Anti/Tank Platoon & 14 Int.

I attained the rank of Sergeant, but decided to leave in 1973, just as the Army started to become

"Not what I thought it used to be". I have missed my Regiment since, but never regretted that decision.

Having been married in Germany since 1968, I have been a civilian expat since my demob in `73.

After studying in Munich, I have enjoyed a successful self-employed career, teaching Communication, Personality-Development, Adult-Counselling + Architecture & Design in 20 countries.

I speak & write fluently in English, German & Italian.

Now retired, aged 69, I live in Southern Bavaria, near Austria, with a young wife and small kids.

For over a decade I have been Admin assistent on the old Regimental website in Belize.

I specialise in digital -graphics, web-build + regimental history and it`s research.

I am also the Webmaster of the "Orange Lily", our sister website, which deals mainly with a photographic Nominal-Roll of members of the Regiment, past & present.

Our data-bases & massive Regimental archive are tended & continuously updated by myself.

(only a fraction of which is displayed online, on this website or on "The Orange Lily" !)


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A big thanks to Jimdo for everything, ........from Les.

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